At House Plans Queensland we offer you an affordable drafting service that is prompt, efficient and produces… [more]

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Acreage designs

House Plans Queensland offers a drafting and design service specialising in houses on acreage blocks… [more]

Acreage designs Acreage designs

Granny flat plans

Granny flats are an ideal solution for the extra room to house teenagers, aged relatives, workers or… [more]

Granny flat plans Granny flat plans

Extension plans

House Plans Queensland can prepare plans for your house extension, deck or patio. Having a detailed set… [more]

Extension plans Extension plans


The right design at the right price! 

At House Plans Queensland we want to help you come up with the right house design at the right price. We offer you an affordable building design and drafting service that is prompt, efficient and produces quality work that suits your requirements.

House Plans Queensland takes into account your construction budget, your design needs and your site conditions and then provides you with a  detailed, fixed price contract for producing your entire working drawings and energy efficiency reports. They are yours to own and you can put them out to builders to tender on. This will help you to obtain the best price on your construction project.

HPQ-Facebook-logoYou’ll be pleased to know that the team at House Plans Queensland has extensive experience working directly with clients and their builders – so we can facilitate services to either.

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