Drafting and building design services

At House Plans Queensland we offer you an affordable drafting service that is prompt, efficient and produces quality work that suits your unique requirements. The services we offer at House Plans Queensland include:

  • Design and drafting of new houses and small commercial buildings for all types of land
  • Extensions, Decks and Patios
  • Small commercial works, including sheds, licensed hotels, offices, churches and car dealerships
  • Disability, SDA and NDIS housing projects
  • Granny flat plans – a great range of pre-designed and eco-friendly plans
  • Acreage designsa drafting and design service specialising in houses on acreage blocks to compliment your rural surrounds
  • Colour images for sales and marketing purposes
  • Contracting of consultants and applications necessary for council approvals
  • Extensive contacts with local engineers, certifiers and tradesman
  • A database of standard designs for ideas on house layouts
  • Full service packages for builders including drafting, take offs and bill of quantities

Present us with a sketch of what you would like your design to be and we will work with you until it is ready to be built. We can organise all of the engineering, energy efficiency requirements and approvals from the local council. There is no need for you to arrange this as we can sort it all out for you if required. We can also arrange for quotes from the different trades from footings through to fixout.

Helping to control your budget

Apart from keeping to a budget with your house plans, another important factor during the design process is to ensure that construction costs meet your initial budget estimates. It’s interesting to note that the majority of expensive house plans equate to expensive construction outcomes. Indeed, Architects are often paid based on a percentage of the construction costs of the building project. So the more it costs, the more they make. Here at House Plans Queensland our philosophy is quite the opposite.


You’ll find House Plans Queensland’s fees very reasonable and are significantly lower than the BDAQ’s recommended fees for building designers.

House Plans Queensland takes into account what your construction budget is, your design needs, your site conditions, etc. and then provides you with a detailed, fixed price contract for producing your entire working drawings and energy efficiency reports. They are yours to own and you can put them out to builders to tender on. This will help you to obtain the best price on your construction project. You’ll be pleased to know that the team at House Plans Queensland has extensive experience working directly with clients and their builders – so we can facilitate services to either.

Please call us to discuss your project.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our services are.