After all of the recent flooding and wet weather throughout the country another problem has arisen, which may hinder home owners getting back into their houses – termites.

The presence of termites may become more noticeable due to the disturbance of their nests by the rains. With soil, dirt and mud being washed up against the house an easy access point is then presented for the termite to gain entry to a tasty timber frame.

A clear 75mm inspection zone should be maintained to the perimeter of the house. When this isn’t present it allows for a greater chance of entry into the house by the white ants who can cause severe structural damage to homes. In a lot of cases if the termites have been in the house for a while the house will need to be demolished.

A regular check by a licensed inspector should be undertaken to ensure your house is clear of white ants and/or damage to the frame. A hungry bunch of termites will quickly and silently devour a timber framed wall and roof structure if given the opportunity.